Learning Engineering

Learning Engineering​

JeetKunDai Research: Actively building research partnerships

JeetKunDai learning products leverage the emerging field of learning engineering to continuously improve outcomes for students. Learning engineering applies technical competencies from computer science and data science to long-standing challenges in education and the science of learning.

We have a dual focus on technology and research. We collect extensive data on student interaction with our products, producing a dataset of learning insights. Our infrastructure enables rapid deployment, optimized for rapid experiments based on the latest results.

JeetKunDai is committed to advancing the field of learning engineering through partnerships with researchers. We share data and collaborate closely with experts to ensure our products answer key questions about how students learn best across diverse contexts. Their expertise shapes not just our approach to pedagogy, but also how we instrument our platforms to support ongoing innovation through learning engineering.

By taking a learning engineering approach, JeetKunDai creates a continuous feedback loop where research insights improve our products, and our data fuels new discoveries that benefit students worldwide. We are excited to play a role in this emerging discipline that holds so much promise for unlocking new solutions to persistent challenges in education.