Augmented Workflows with Fabric

A hands-on course to teach beginners how to integrate AI into daily life using the open-source fabric framework. Learn to leverage AI for real-world challenges through practical exercises using the fabric platform for AI augmentation.
Lan · March 22, 2024

Introduction to Using Fabric

This course will provide a hands-on introduction to using the open-source fabric framework to apply AI to everyday challenges.

Over the duration of the course, students will:

  • Learn what fabric is and why it was created – to make AI more accessible and integrate it into daily life
  • Understand the fabric philosophy of breaking problems into pieces and applying AI to each component
  • Get fabric installed and setup on their own machines
  • Learn the basic fabric architecture and components
  • Use the fabric client and commands to access different AI models and functions
  • Walk through examples of using fabric for different tasks like summarization, image generation, and more
  • Explore fabric “patterns” – reusable templates for common workflows
  • Learn how to create their own custom fabric patterns
  • See end-to-end examples of using fabric to augment human capabilities for real-world challenges

The course will focus on hands-on exercises and projects to give students practical experience using fabric to integrate AI into their own workflows. No AI/programming experience is required. By the end, students will be comfortable using fabric to leverage AI on a daily basis.

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