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Lan · October 5, 2023

The Tao of JeetKenDai

JeetKenDai is the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern insight. By combining mindfulness and discipline with the networked processes of modern information systems, we produce a method of fusion. We combine diametrically opposed systems, bringing the best parts of many different disciplines together in a fluid and dynamic flow. JeetKenDai is the art and practice of training the human mind, then extending and combining it with intelligent agents. There is a vast gray area between the poles of self mastery and the mastery of technology, populated by processes and frameworks, themselves made up of concepts and ideas. It is within this realm that the individual lessons of JeetKuneDai are defined. It is by exploring and creatively building upon the infinite fields of curiosity that we may approach the mastery of Jeetkundai. Reference Material At JeetKunDai, we often draw lessons from the teachings of others. We do not create content as a way to promote products. However, we do provide links to outside materials that efficiently communicate quality examples of key concepts. Whenever possible, we link directly to the original source both to give proper credit and to send potential customers their way. If you cannot afford to purchase the external resources we reference, free versions can typically be found online. These materials, while helpful for deeper understanding, are not required to benefit from our courses. We provide affiliate links that give us a small percentage of sales. This helps cover our costs of providing free lessons. If you are able, please consider purchasing the items we link to. Otherwise, know that the links do not impact the selection of concepts we teach. Our aim is to pass along knowledge, not push products. Any links are simply meant to connect you with more resources if you wish to dive deeper. This introductory pattern will draw upon many of the concepts introduced in Designing the Mind, by Ryan A Bush.

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