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    The Feynman Method- Learn by Teaching

    In this pattern, you'll delve into the Feynman Method, a transformative learning approach pioneered by physicist Richard Feynman. This method focuses on cultivating a deep understanding of any subject by teaching it as if you were explaining it to someone else. You'll learn how to harness your intrinsic motivation, challenge your preconceived notions, and build a robust "curiosity engine." The pattern also covers how to keep an organized learning notebook, just like Feynman did, to track your progress and identify gaps in your understanding. By the end of this pattern, you'll not only acquire a new skill set for effective learning but also gain a toolset for dissecting complex problems, whether in science, technology, or everyday life.
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    The Future of Human Enhancement

    This course explores the ethical, practical, and philosophical dimensions of human enhancement. Through historical and contemporary case studies, students will critically examine various forms of physical and cognitive enhancements, from anabolic steroids and blood doping to the use of stimulants in academic settings. Central to the course is the concept of self-mastery, drawing upon insights from "Designing the Mind" by Ryan A. Bush to highlight the importance of understanding and optimizing one's natural state before pursuing enhancement. The course aims to foster a balanced and critical perspective on the potential and pitfalls of transcending human limitations.