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    Augmented Workflows with Fabric

    A hands-on course to teach beginners how to integrate AI into daily life using the open-source fabric framework. Learn to leverage AI for real-world challenges through practical exercises using the fabric platform for AI augmentation.
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    Brain Computer Interfaces and the Future of Human Enhancement

    Experience the intersection of mind and machine with our Brain Computer Interfaces pattern. Delve into hands-on activities with advanced BCI technology and uncover how emerging research is paving the way for enhancing human capabilities. Discover, interact, and imagine the future of human-computer symbiosis.
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    Calculus From First Principles

    Calculus is a powerful tool for understanding and describing change in the world around us. In this course, we will explore its fundamental concepts by…
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    Cloud-Agnostic AI Strategies: Building and Deploying Models with multiple cloud services

    Cloud-Agnostic AI Strategies is an inclusive course designed to cater to a wide range of learners, from seasoned IT professionals and developers to self-taught enthusiasts and technical experimenters. This course aims to make the complex world of AI and cloud computing accessible to all, by providing clear, practical guidance on building and deploying AI models across multiple cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Through a combination of AI-assisted explanations, interactive tutorials, and real-world examples, learners of all backgrounds will gain a solid understanding of cloud-agnostic practices. The course is structured to empower participants with the skills to create versatile and resilient AI solutions, ensuring they can navigate the challenges of cloud computing and AI development regardless of their prior experience level.
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    Epic Discovery: Mathematics

    Epic Discovery: Mathematics Discover the elegance and interconnectedness of mathematics in this comprehensive course. "Epic Discovery: Mathematics" is designed to guide learners through a logical progression from fundamental axioms to advanced mathematical theories. This journey unfolds through stages, each deriving its principles from the previous, providing a deep, interconnected understanding of mathematics. The course emphasizes real-world applications, critical thinking, and exploratory learning, making it ideal for those eager to explore the vast landscape of mathematics and its practical implications in various fields.
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    GitHub Copilot and Open-Source Code Assistants

    Augment your programming skills with AI co-pilots. This pattern guides you through the synergistic use of code assistants to elevate your coding prowess, streamline your workflow, and push the boundaries of what you can create.
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    Intro to Foundation Model Platforms

    Intro to Foundation Model Platforms demystifies foundation model platforms, offering accessible, step-by-step guidance on how to leverage tools like Azure AI Studio, AWS Bedrock, OpenAI Playground, Hugging Face, and Google Vortex. With a focus on practical, hands-on learning, the course introduces participants to the functionalities and potential of these platforms through interactive exercises and real-world applications. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to expand your toolkit or a curious learner diving into AI for the first time, this course provides the resources and support to explore the capabilities of foundation models, fostering a diverse community of informed and capable AI practitioners.
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    Intro to GenAI

    Dive into the world of Generative AI Models in this introductory course, designed to demystify the complex processes behind AI's ability to create new content. Explore the foundational principles that enable these models to generate text, images, music, and more from learned data. Through engaging explanations and relatable examples, this course will guide you through the basics of how generative models work. Whether you're a curious learner or looking to apply generative AI in your field, this course offers a clear, concise overview to get you started on your journey into the creative possibilities of AI.
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    Introduction to AI Productivity

    Introduction to AI Productivity The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era of productivity, transforming the way we approach tasks across…
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    Introduction to Holistic Critical Thinking

    Introduction to Holistic Critical Thinking" is designed to provide a broad-based exploration into the multifaceted nature of critical thinking. Aligned with the JeetKunDai philosophy, this course lays the groundwork for understanding how we process, analyze, and evaluate information in a complex, interconnected world.

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    Introduction to JeetKunDai

    The Tao of JeetKenDai JeetKenDai is the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern insight. By combining mindfulness and discipline with the networked processes of modern…
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    Landing Your First Tech Industry Job

    Landing your first tech industry job can be a real challenge. I’m not keen on reinventing the wheel, so I will leave it to…
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    Laws of Success

    The Laws of Success: Mastering the Principles of Peak Performance and Personal Growth

    Discover the time-tested principles and cutting-edge strategies for achieving success and fulfillment in all areas of life. Drawing on insights from renowned experts like Robert Greene, Paul Graham, Carol Dweck, and others, this immersive learning pattern distills the essence of peak performance into a series of powerful formulas.

    Through a mix of reflective exercises, practical assignments, case studies, and AI-powered tools, you'll develop the mindsets, skills, and habits needed to unlock your full potential. From clarifying your purpose and cultivating resilience, to mastering the art of deep practice and navigating social dynamics, you'll gain a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth and achievement.

    Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, student, or simply committed to self-improvement, "The Laws of Success" will equip you with the insights and strategies to thrive in any domain. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth, and learn to apply these timeless principles to your own unique path to mastery and fulfillment.

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    Open-Interpreter and the 01 Personal Assistant

    Explore Open-Interpreter and the 01 Personal Assistant. Learn to use an open-source tool to enhance your capabilities from the command line or through conversation. Learn to run code across various languages on your local machine, bypassing limitations and unlocking endless possibilities for innovation and problem-solving.
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